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Privacy policy

If you are interested in what data we collect / how we handle it you can find a detailed description below.

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* Since we do not store cookies, this website complies with Art. 6 paragraph 1, letter f of GDPR.

Data collected by the client

Below you can find a detailed description on what data we use for our product to function properly.

We are collecting data of our user(s) computer(s) to ensure the security of our client and the enforcement of our Terms of Service.
The Client collects data automatically on use and stores them in a database to protect our Client from reverse-engineering.

- IP Address (Internet Protocol Address)
- Time of use of the client
- Processor architecture
- Harddrive names, identifiers and serial keys
- CPU identifier and name
- GPU identifier(s) and name(s)
- Network adapter(s), device(s) and name(s)
- Moon Client User ID (UID)

This data will not be combined with other data from other sources.
The data gets processed by the basis of Art.6 paragraph 1, letter f of GDPR.