Moon Client

Moon Client

A Minecraft 1.8.9 utility modification

A client which fits all your needs, both visually and feature wise.
Easy usability while staying customizable with a large community.
Trusted since 2018

Why Moon Client?


Moon has always gotten quality updates since 2018, always improving the client to the point where it is at now.


Every feature in the client is customizable, visuals, combat modules, everything. You can customize all modules to your needs.


Moon has stunning and modern visuals making the client look like no other. It also has a lot of performance improvements to make sure you have the best and smoothest experience.

Internet Relay Chat

Moon has an Internet Relay Chat which makes it possible that you can identify other Moon Users in-game. You can also chat with them on the fly.


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Logins last 24 hrs

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20€ / lifetime

There are no subscriptions, pay for it once and receive updates for the rest of its lifetime*.
Isn't that a good deal?
One-time purchase Receive the full client, no compromises Lifetime* updates for free Lifetime* customer support * Lifetime stands for the lifetime of the client. Only works on Windows 7-11 x64